Customized Cybersecurity Solutions

We provide cyber support that meets each of our client’s diverse needs. Learn how we can assist your business by managing your cyber needs

Comprehensive SOC services

24-7 Cyber Monitoring

Advanced security updates


PGS has an experienced team of Cyber professionals to help your company remain safe and compliant in Cyberspace. We take a holistic approach to analyze, defend, and mitigate Cyber attacks, all while ensuring compliance to federal standards and requirements.

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We define the best roadmap for your security concerns such that it meets your needs. Your digital presence is secured in every form with the most updated tools in the most cost-effective way.


We protect your critical data with the best and most advanced technology. Further, we proactively address any threats or vulnerabilities before they occur.


Our team of Cyber SMEs are available daily to provide guidance and hands-on cyber support.

One-Stop Cyber Solutions

Consulting and System Integration Services

Consulting and System Integration Services

We offer intense solution and advisory expertise while using an integrated approach to help resolve complex issues.

Data Classification, Privacy & Protection

Data Classification, Privacy & Protection

As your business scales, so does your data and there comes the risk for cybersecurity compromises. We help you stay protected with data protection, and data classification for your crucial, confidential and personal data over the internet, cloud and much more.

Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

PGS provides rigorous, value-driven surveillance, management and threat intelligence backed by experienced Cyber SMEs who will help you understand your security concerns and work to eliminate or resolve cyber issues.